Ohio Voters Approve Plan To Reform Redistricting Process


On Nov. 3, Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved a plan to reform the state’s redistricting process and reduce partisan gerrymandering.

“Today's win was an important first step, but it only got us halfway there,” League of Women Voters of Ohio executive director Carrie Davis said following the vote, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“We need to take these new anti-gerrymandering rules that Issue 1 applied to the General Assembly and extend them to congressional districts, which are even more gerrymandered," she added.

Issue 1 will reportedly change the legislative redistricting process in 2021, winning with 71 percent of the vote.

The new redistricting process aims to reduce gerrymandering in such a way to reduce artificially noncompetitive districts. Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the boundaries of a voting district in order to favor one party or class.

“We are thrilled with the passage of Issue 1... because we expect it will lead to a larger number of more competitive districts at the Statehouse level,” Ohio Democratic Chairman David Pepper said.

“In the long term, this should lead to a legislature far more in the mainstream of Ohio – as opposed to the current extreme group that occupies the Statehouse," he added. "Ohio voters sent a clear message today. They want districts to be fair and the winners to be determined by the voters.”

Another voting measure, named Issue 3, failed at the polls. The measure would have allowed Ohio residents over the age of 21 to grow, possess and use marijuana recreationally, the Associated Press reports. Issue 3 would have also made marijuana available for medical use.

Sources: The Columbus Dispatch, AP via Chronicle Telegram / Photo credit: hjl/Flickr, Letta Page/Flickr


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