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Ohio Tea Party Member Raises Confederate Flag, Makes Racist Comments at School Board Meeting

A man calling himself the president and founder of the Springboro Tea Party in Springboro, Ohio, showed up at a school board meeting Thursday carrying a Confederate flag and making racist comments.

The Springboro school board met to consider the removal of a series of religiously-themed courses from the district’s summer curriculum. Sonny Thomas, who previously got into trouble for making racist remarks, defended the classes. Sources at the meeting said he also made racist and inflammatory comments. At the end of his speech, he flew a Confederate flag and asked if those in attendance were offended.

Community members who attended the meeting talked about the incident on Facebook and blogs.

On the Facebook page for Springboro United for Responsible Education, William Cunningham wrote, “If the discussion in the community has come down to some man waving the ‘stars and bars’ during a public forum on education while shouting, ‘This is your heritage!’ at the audience is not only appalling, it is downright awful.”

Thomas also allegedly endorsed the League of the South, which advocates for an independent Southern republic, although Thomas lives in the North.

Nimisha Patel blogged that Thomas said black people “should consider themselves lucky since they are treated better in the United States than they would if they were in ‘Black Countries’ with ‘genocide.’”

Patel said Thomas was even allowed to go over the time allotted to all the other speakers. Despite two other speakers being booted from the meeting, Thomas was allowed to stay. One of them, Jason Lewis, was asked to leave simply because he disagreed with a book on the student curriculum. Leslie Marsh was booted for asking the school to finish their prolonged contract negotiations with the teachers, Huffington Post reported.

Why do you think Thomas was allowed to stay?

Sources: Huffington Post, Raw Story


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