Ohio Lawmaker Compares Fighting ISIS to Fighting Abortion (Video)


Ohio State Rep. Matt Lynch (R) appeared at a press conference yesterday before an "Appeal To Heaven" rally at the Ohio statehouse, which was promoted by anti-abortion activist Janet Porter.

For three years, Porter has been trying to get state lawmakers to pass her "Heartbeat Bill," which would ban abortion 18 to 24 days after conception (when a fetal heartbeat can be detected).

According to DaytonDailyNews.com, the pro-life Ohio Right to Life Society will not support the "Heartbeat Bill" because it would likely be struck down in court.

At Porter's press conference, Lynch compared fighting ISIS terrorists to fighting legal abortion in Ohio, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

Lynch recalled how shocking the beheading of journalists by ISIS was, but claimed it was the same evil as abortion.

"As a nation, we are aroused to combat this evil on the other side of the world," said Lynch. "Somehow, we're blind and silent to the 20,000 deaths plus, 70 a day, that are occurring right here in the state of Ohio."

"We have to have the courage to understand that the moral fight against evil in the Mid-East is no different than the moral fight against evil right here in the state of Ohio and that evil is abortion," added Lynch.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org, DaytonDailyNews.com


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