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Ohio Gov. Kasich: I'll Put 'Boots On The Ground' To Fight ISIS

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Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio pledged during an interview on Meet the Press that he would put boots on the ground to fight “radical” Islam if elected president in 2016.

“You’ve got the air power, but you can’t solve anything just with air power,” Kasich said during Sunday’s interview with Chuck Todd, according to The Hill.

Kasich criticized President Obama’s strategy to fight the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, which so far has been to resist military response that would involve sending troops to ISIS strongholds throughout Syria and Iraq.

“I would have them in a role where they're going to be on the ground fighting,” he said. “I would be part of a coalition and I would take them down.”

Katich is one of a large group of Republicans to jump into the 2016 presidential race — remaining near the bottom of recent polls despite a slight bump in New Hampshire that put him behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

“If we’re running for these offices just to get elected, We’re not running for class president, we’re running to be the commander in chief and the leader of this country,” he said of his fellow GOP candidates. “Grow up.”

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