Ohio Gov. John Kasich Appoints College Dropout Stanley Jackson to State Board of Education

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is getting heavy criticism for his appointment of former Ohio State quarterback, Stanley Jackson (pictured left of Gov. Kasich), to one of the eight positions on the state’s board of education.

However, Jackson never graduated from Ohio State.

Kasich spokesperson Rob Nichols said in a press conference that he was “sure our people” were aware Jackson hadn’t graduated from college.

A bio of Jackson obtained by local news outlets lists him as “the founder of Masters Preparatory Academy Charter School... a gender school for African American males,” but the Columbus Dispatch said that the school doesn’t seem to exist and isn’t on the list of proposed charters schools to open this fall.

The school’s website registration reportedly lists Jackson’s home address as its location.

According to the press release from Kasich’s office, Jackson was appointed to serve through the end of 2012.


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