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Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill Would Impose Unparalleled Restrictions

The Ohio House of Representatives is considering an anti-abortion bill that would fine physicians $1 million and charge them with a felony if they failed to disclose how much income they would lose if a woman chose not to have an abortion. According to the bill, doctors would have to provide “a statement concerning the monetary loss to the physician or facility that would result form the woman’s decision to carry the woman’s pregnancy to term.”

The bill also imposes a number of other restrictions including:

-          A modification of the notification requirements prior to performing an abortion, requiring a physician to meet with a woman 48 hours, instead of the current 24 hours, prior to the abortion.

-          A requirement that additional documents be provided to a woman considering an abortion including documents that outline the physiological and anatomical characteristics of the fetus.

-          A requirement that an ultrasound be performed and that the physician describe the fetus and its neurological development.

"There are far too many stories of mothers under the negligent care of abortionists eager to perform abortions on mothers without even confirming a woman's pregnancy," said state Rep. Ron Hood. "Abortion procedures are costly, and the providers who rush into performing abortions without confirming a pregnancy stand to gain financially." Hood sponsored the bill.

Jordan Goldberg, of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said the scope of the bill is unmatched, The Huffington Post reported.

"I've never seen anything like this bill before," she said. "It's a felony if you fail to force a woman to listen to her ultrasound or give her a conflict of interest disclaimer designed to make a doctor look like he's doing this for the wrong reasons? It's illogical and intended to demonize doctors who provide this essential care, as if they're not legitimate in the way that other doctors are."

Sources: The Huffington Post, Innovation Ohio 


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