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Official Inauguration Photo Has A Typo (Photo)

President Donald Trump's official inauguration portrait is raising eyebrows because it was printed with a typo.

"No dream is too big, no challenge is to great," the portrait reads, omitting an "o" in the second too. "Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach."

The Library of Congress removed the $16.95 poster from its online catalog on Feb. 12 after the misspelling went viral, reports the New York Post.Many blamed Trump for the typo.

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"When you're that high up you should have a grip on proof-reading," wrote one person on the New York Post's Facebook page. "This is a symptom of the illness that is gripping the White House and their inability to focus on details. Didn't Trump say he would surround himself with the best?"

"I think they should have left misuse in there, as a glaring reflection of the anti-intellectualism of his administration and those that voted for him," added another woman.

Others were less critical, pointing out that the typo was likely not Trump's fault.

"I'm not defending Trump because I really don't like the guy, but the print shop that made these posters or whatever they are is at fault," wrote one woman. "It's a typo. The word isn't misspelled, it's misused. They used the incorrect form of the word."

Others defended Trump while some called critics "pathetic" and "petty."

"The man is trying to make the country great again," wrote one man. "Bring back jobs, make it a safe place to live, raise a family and get a job. And people are freaking out because he wrote 'to' instead of 'too.'"

"It really shows poorly on the readers here who really consider this an issue," chimed in another woman. "Please focus on improving the lives of yourself, your friends, family, and country instead of such matters of extreme triviality. I assure you, the people and causes that you love do need you."

It's not the first time the Trump administration has received national attention for spelling errors, reports The Washington Post.

On Feb. 12, the Department of Education misspelled NAACP co-founder W.E.B. Du Bois' name on Twitter.

A couple of days before that on Feb. 7, the White House's list of 78 terrorist allegedly "underreported" attacks also featured several misspellings.

Sources: New York Post, New York Post/Facebook, The Washington Post / Photo credit: The White House/Wikimedia Commons, Library of Congress via The Washington Post

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