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Man's Obituary Asks People To Vote For Donald Trump

Funeral-goers on Jan. 5 were asked to honor the memory of a recently deceased Virginia man by voting for Donald Trump.

“In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Cullather Brain Tumor QOL Center, 5875 Bremo Rd., MOBS, Suite 108, Richmond, Va. 23226 and please vote for Donald Trump,” read sixty-five year old Ernest Overbey’s obituary published on the Bliley Funeral Homes website.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump retweeted the piece. Trump publicly announced his gratitude to a following of over five million, but misspelled Ernest’s name.

“Thank you so much. Earnest must have been a great person,” he wrote.

Most of the obituary is devoted to thanking the many medical practitioners who helped the family.

“Our deepest gratitude to the doctors and nurses…Special thanks to the two certified nurses assistants from CareAdvantage…both of whose skills met all of Ernie's emotional and physical needs during these last months. Their love, devotion and caring ways made a very difficult time so much easier for Ernie and his family,” the obituary says.

Overbey was the son of a World War 2 war hero, a father of one, and a husband. He held a variety of jobs, from teaching a marketing class at a university to owning his own expedited delivery service. Overbey died of cancer on Jan.2.

This isn’t the first time deceased individuals continued political campaigning even in death. Many, like sixty-two year old Nancy Dearr, have urged people to support specific presidential campaigns through their obituaries.

“In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign,” Dearr’s obituary on the Miami Herald says.

Dearr’s professional background is similar to Overbey’s, having worked in public relations and advertising. She was also very politically active throughout her life.

She “met her husband in 1972 during the McGovern for President campaign,” the piece notes, while her sister elaborates in the Guest Book:

“My sister and I shared a lifelong passion for politics. Nancy, the rebel, took the opposite position of our parents, who were Republicans…Nancy declared herself a Democrat as soon as she discovered the differences between the two parties.”

Sources: Bliley Funeral Homes Obituary of Ernest Overbey, Donald Trump's Twitter, and Nancy Dearr's Obituary And Guest Book on Miami Herald/Photo Credit: Holy Kaw

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