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Obamas To Vacation At Martha's Vineyard

Obamas To Vacation At Martha's Vineyard Promo Image

Former President Barack Obama and his family are planning to vacation in Martha's Vineyard for three weeks starting Aug. 6.

The Obamas have vacationed on the island just off the Massachusetts coast line seven out of the eight years they lived in the White House, according to Martha's Vineyard Times. The only year they skipped was in 2012, when the former president was running for office. 

Most residents are welcoming the Obamas' return. 

"If there’s going to be one president or political figure to muck up our Island, I’m glad it’s Obama," said resident Faith Smalley.

But others say that his presence will make life on the island more hectic, especially during the height of the tourist season.

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"I’m happy to have him come, but this place is filled with so much frenetic energy at this time -- it’s a particularly bad year for frenetic energy -- I just wish he could come in October," said resident Kim Rome. 

The former first family will be once again renting two homes in Chilmark, a town in the western part of the island known for its seafood.  According to Time, in 2015, the price for a four-bedroom beachfront property rose as high as $20,000 a week. Summer is reported to be the most expensive time of year, as prices tend to slightly drop during the spring and fall.

Martha's Vineyard Times reports that during their vacations, the former president typically golfs and goes on biking trips with his family. He has also become a regular at a number of restaurants, including the seafood staple Nancy's, where daughter Sasha spent a summer working.

A big change this year is that the Obamas' presence will no longer have restrictions on airspace. However, the former first family's tight security isn't expected to be any more lax just because they're out of the White House. 

"The Massachusetts State Police will be assisting the U.S. Secret Service with security operations for former President Obama and the former First Lady during their upcoming visit to Martha’s Vineyard," wrote Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio in an email. "Please note that we do not release specific details related to personnel numbers and tactics for security operations."

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The Obamas are expected to stay until Aug. 27, which could correspond with Malia's move-in day at Harvard University Aug. 22.  

Sources: Martha's Vineyard Times, Time / Featured Image: Bob P. B./Flickr / Embedded Images: U.S. Embassy, Jakarta/Flickr, Bob P. B./Flickr

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