Obama's Summer Vacation in Martha's Vineyard Likely to Receive Criticism

Michelle Obama and her daughters are likely going to go on an extended summer vacation in Martha's Vineyard, which is expected to draw criticism, as presidential vacations tend to do.

President Obama will only be visiting on weekends and during a span of a couple weeks in August, as he has much to deal with including Benghazi inquisitions and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

The couple seems to be looking at a house near Farm Neck, in Oak Bluffs. They've stayed in this area before, but the house they stayed at previously has been sold.

First Family vacations tend to be criticized, as many portray them as insensitive in some way. The area the Obamas are looking at is pricey and exclusive, and also heavily democratic. 

The Weekly Standard has already complained about the Obama's going on a vacation every month so far in 2013.

It will be a travel-filled summer for the family, as Michelle, Malia and Sasha are also going to accompany Barack on his trip to Ireland for a G8 summit in June.

Michelle is also set to go to Africa with Barack this summer, but there is no word if the daughters will go as well.

Conservative groups have objected Michelle going on trips with Barack, saying that taxpayer money is used for her security detail and other expenses. Judicial Watch filed a suit with the US Air Force last year demanding records of Michelle's trip to Spain in 2010.

Sources: Christian Post, CS Monitor


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