Obama's Executive Order On Paid Sick Leave Sends Important Message To Federal Workers


To the dissatisfaction of his Republican rivals throughout the nation, President Obama’s last couple years in office have been filled with bolder, more aggressive action. Although much of his early presidency was filled with bipartisan rhetoric and concessions to the right — the Affordable Care Act, for example — Obama has grown much more confident in his ability to get things done. He’s also grown increasingly liberal, threatening to take executive action on immigration and commuting the sentences of several non-violent drug offenders.

Obama’s latest executive order will guarantee up to seven days of paid sick leave for an additional 300,000 federal workers. The president announced the new executive order at an opportune time. Yesterday was Labor Day, and it’s readily apparent that this nation has many issues with granting worker’s rights. Providing sick leave for federal employees is a small step towards bettering the lives of a handful working Americans, but an undeniably important one. By taking executive action, Obama is sending a message to the federal workers of the country that their time is valued, yet their overall livelihood is more important 

The announcement also ensures that Obama will be leaving behind a legacy after he leaves office. The law won’t go into effect until 2017, just as Obama’s successor will be taking over. Given the current state of American politics, it’s unclear how hard the next man or woman will fight to reverse Obama’s policies if elected from the right. Hopefully at least this policy will be able to stick around. 

As with many of Obama’s policies, this executive order simply seems logical. “Right now, you have parents who have to choose between losing income or staying home with a sick child,” Obama said, according to the Washington Post. That doesn’t make sense, and Obama is doing something about it. The president obviously has his flaws and there are many more pressing issues the nation needs to fix, but he should be commended for taking actions such as these that will improve the everyday lives of working Americans.

Sources: NBC NewsThe Washington Post, The White House

Image Source: NPR


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