Obama's Approval Ratings Stable Amid Controversial Issues

With illegal immigration, the Iran nuclear deal and Planned Parenthood all in the news, President Barack Obama’s policy decisions and comments have received more criticism than usual.

Despite numerous controversies, Obama’s approval ratings have remained relatively consistent. According to Gallup, 50 percent of Americans currently disapprove of the Obama administration, while 46 percent approve of the way the president is handling the country. In May, Obama's approval and disapproval ratings were tied at 48 percent each. 

Another poll, conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, shows most Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the economy. According to that poll, 49 percent approve of Obama’s economic performance, while 47 disapprove. Politico reports it is only the fifth time since the second full year of his presidency that Obama’s economic approval numbers are higher than his disapproval ratings.

Obama's poll numbers have declined in some key voting blocks. For example, his approval rating among union members currently stands at 52 percent, down from a peak of 69 percent when he was first elected in 2009.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has made it a priority to influence Obama’s decision-making and has credited himself with Obama 2012 re-election victory.

“Without the huge push” from union groups in swing states in 2012, Obama would never have “won Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada -- and their combined 34 electoral votes,” Trumka said, according to Breitbart.

Sources: Breitbart, Politico, Gallup / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza


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