Obama's Approval Rating Highest in 5 Months

Good news for President Obama as he heads into his reelection year -- his approval rating is at a five-month high.

The latest Gallup poll shows 47% of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing. 45% disapprove. It is the first time since July that more people approve of his job performance than disapprove.

The three-day tracking poll was conducted just as House Republicans caved into the president's demands to extend the payroll tax and unemployment benefits, so he is likely seeing benefits from winning that battle.

Gallup says is appears that 48% is the minimum number Obama would need to ensure reelection. That's what President Bush had before winning reelection in 2004.

Harry Truman was the only president to be reelected with a lower approval rating -- his stood at just 40% when he famously beat Thomas Dewey in 1948.


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