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President Obama's Approval Rating Continues To Be Historically Polarized

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President Barack Obama’s approval rating remains one of the most polarized in recent history, according to a Gallup poll of his sixth full year in office.

79 percent of Democrats approve of the job Obama is doing, while only 9 percent of Republicans agree. The 70 percent gap between parties makes the president’s sixth year the fifth most polarized year for a president since Gallup began keeping record in 1953.

Remarkably, each of Obama’s years in office so far is in the top 10 most polarized years in the past 60 years, with four of former President George W. Bush’s years rounding out the 10.

The most polarizing year for both Obama and Bush were their fourth years, which is often the case with presidents because it is a reelection year. As Gallup notes, the sixth year for those two presidents were surprisingly similar, with both receiving 79 percent approval from their own party and 9 percent from the opposing party.

Here, courtesy of Gallup, is how President Obama's rating stacks up against other presidents in recent history:

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Source: Gallup / Photo Credit: Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons


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