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Obama's Approval Rating At 18-Month High Ahead Of State Of The Union Address

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A new poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News showed President Obama’s approval rating at its highest in 18 months.

50 percent of Americans said they approve of the President’s job performance, with 44 percent disapproving. Approval increased 9 points from December. Perhaps more significantly, more Americans trust the President to address the country’s problems than they do the Republican-controlled Congress.

In addition, 41 percent of Americans believe the economy is in good shape. That number showed a 27 percent increase from just three months ago.

According to The Hill, the improvement comes from “a rebound among millennials — whose support has risen 19 points since December — and Hispanics, who were likely encouraged by his executive action on immigration.” The President’s approval rating is up 22 points among Hispanics. Americans also believe, according to the poll that Obama has the best interests of the middle class in mind. On the issue of climate change, Americans back Obama more than Republicans by a 17-point margin.

Despite more Americans leaning towards President Obama than Republicans on most issues, Republicans have a “six-point advantage” on him when it comes to encouraging economic development.

The poll comes just ahead of the President’s State of the Union address, where he will outline plans for, among other things, proposals that would give two years of community college to students for free and close the trust fund loophole for the wealthy to create and expand middle class benefits.

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