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Obamacare 'Success Story' Jessica Sanford Can't Afford Insurance In Washington State (Video)

A Washington state woman whose 'success' story was read aloud during a Rose Garden event for President Obama’s signature health care reform law says she is now facing challenges with enrolling.

On Oct. 21, the president spoke about the Affordable Care Act at his Rose Garden speech and cited Jessica Sanford as a success story, the Washington State Wire reported.

“I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington state, and here’s what she wrote,” said Obama, who then read from the letter. He read:

I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven’t had health insurance for 15 years because it is too expensive. My son has ADHD and requires regular doctor visits, and his meds alone cost $250 a month. I have had an ongoing tendinitis problem due to my line of work that I haven’t had treated. Now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 a month. I was crying the other day when I signed up. So much stress lifted.

“Now, that is not untypical for a lot of folks like Jessica who have been struggling without health insurance,” Obama concluded. “That is what the Affordable Care Act is all about.”

However, when 48-year-old Sanford applied for coverage under Obamacare, she received a letter informing her that the state made a mistake in tax credit calculation. This meant there would be an increase coverage cost from $198 each month to $280, CNN reports. Sanford paid $169 at first, but changed plans.

She was informed again of a “system error” and given a higher quote of $390 a month, which she couldn’t afford. Another letter noted that Sanford would receive $0 federal tax credit to help cover the cost.

“Wow,” Sanford posted on Facebook regarding the Washington state exchange website. “You guys really screwed me over. Now I have been priced out and will not be able to afford the plans you offer. But, I get to pay $95 and up for not having health insurance. I am so incredibly disappointed and saddened. You majorly screwed up.”

The single mother, who voted for Obama twice, says she isn’t upset at the president for problems she’s facing with her insurance. Sanford is pointing fingers at the state of Washington.


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