Obama -- You Just Let Iran Off the Hook


The deal with Iran looks bad -- very bad -- for the United States and our Allies. We chose a weak diplomatic hand. Famed civil rights expert and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz calls the Iran deal "a Chamberlain moment" for Barack Obama, a comparison to the deal Adolf Hitler made with Neville Chamberlain.  

The Munich Agreement of 1938 was intended to prevent further conflict. All it did was strengthen Germany's and Hitler's resolve to begin its murderous campaigns across Europe – culminating in World War II and costing the world 65M lives. The Munich Agreement bought Germany time, when England should have acted. Similarly, the United States' agreement with Iran this past weekend gives the Iranian regime time, greater financial leeway, and the resolve to continue building a nuclear bomb.    

The deal with Iran is bad because it failed Americans and our Allies in three key ways. (1) Iran does not have to dismantle any of their 19,000 uranium enriching centrifuges. (2) Iran does not have give up its stock of enriched uranium. (3) Iran can continue progress on the development of its heavy water reactor in Arak. 

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif laid out Iran's negotiating position quite clearly. "The enrichment program that Iran has, will continue... "

Before an audience of militiamen, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he would not allow any "retreat" on the country's rights: "I insist on stabilizing the rights of the Iranian nation, including the nuclear rights." The remarks were boldly broadcasted live on state television. "I insist on not retreating one step from the rights of the Iranian nation."


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