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Obama Wows Deaf Student with Command of Sign Language

I guess we should have all assumed that President Obama spoke perfect sign language, right? Quite the contrast with our last commander-in-chief who seemed to struggle with standard spoken English.

Tuesday in Largo, Maryland, President Obama impressed a DC-area college student with his command of American Sign Language. The video of the exchange (below) shows a 26-year-old deaf student identified only as Stephon signing to the President, "I'm proud of you."

Without missing a beat, Obama signs back to Stephon, "Thank you."

“When I shook his hand it did not feel like he was superior to me,” said Stephon. “He was just a humble man.”

It's interesting to note that at a Dayton, Ohio, campaign stop in 2008 the President lamented his inability to speak a foreign language, saying of the rare intellectual shortcoming, "It's embarassing!"


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