Obama vs. Romney in Astrology

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While political polls keep churning through the 24-hour news cycle, some people have abandoned science, and believe the results of the November election are written in the stars.

President Obama is a Leo, which reportedly makes his most dominant energy the omnipotent sun, according to the NY Daily News. Not surprisingly, Obama has a positive sense of self, sense of responsiblility, effective communication skills and a managerial presence.

According to the stars, Obama will find unlikely people lending him assistance, but others may plot against him.

Mitt Romney, a Pisces, has tendency toward an idealistic view of life,  a talent for mastering genius ideas, but is not always able to implement them amicably [i.e. Romneycare?].

He has certain groundlessness that contributes to being a flip-flopper, and his desire to change tactics might make him look like Sen. John Kerry in 2004.


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