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Obama to Unveil Plan Addressing Climate Change

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In a Georgetown University speech on Tuesday, President Barack Obama will lay out plans to reduce carbon emissions, bypass Congress and move forward with executive actions.

After his speech is delivered, Obama will sign a memorandum directing the Environmental Protection Agency to aid the states and private sectors in setting carbon pollution standards in new and existing power plants. While an official for the administration said Obama would prefer Congress to act, he is impatient for reform.

Thus far, Obama has enacted stricter fuel efficiency standards subsidies to support green energy industries. The administration prides itself on reduced carbon pollution — which is at its lowest record in two decades — and attributes the success to its regulations.

However, scientists warn that carbon pollution is a lesser threat compared to the increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the highest concentration in several million years.

Obama will also direct the EPA to work on additional vehicle standards and encourage renewable energy by granting $8 billion in loans for advanced fossil fuel and efficiency standards.

Beyond that, the White House will introduce new climate preparedness tools on its website and make in-depth climate data available to the public.

Additionally, Obama plans to advance his policy internationally, establishing green initiatives toward free trade agreements and public financing policies.

"This is a global problem,” said a senior White House official. “We need global solutions.”

Sources: CBS News, Time


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