Obama Trying to Take Away 'Every Hard-Earned Dollar' Says Sen. Ted Cruz's Dad (Video)


Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, recently claimed that President Barack Obama was going to take away "every hard-earned dollar" and "give it out in handouts to buy votes."

Rafael, who is a pastor, was speaking at a town hall in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday when he also claimed "our liberties are taken away" and "we are seeing our lives being destroyed," noted RawStory.com.

Rafael said:

We can be complacent no more, we can be silent no more! You know, we have seen our lives under attack. Our quality of life is being eroded more and more and more as our liberties are taken away. As regulations and more taxation, we are seeing our lives being destroyed."

Our treasures, let me tell you, the Obama administration has both their hands in your pocket. They are trying to take every hard-earned dollar that you make and give it out in handouts to buy votes.

But I’ll tell you something, they can take our lives, they can take our fortunes, but they cannot take our honor!”They cannot take our honor! No one can take our honor!

Rafael did not name what specific liberties had been taken away, but did lead the audience in a vow to restore those "liberties."

He also failed to mention the numerous tax cuts by the Obama administration, noted by  Politifact.com.

Source: RawStory.com  and Politifact.com


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