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Obama: Trump Not 'Equipped' To Be President

President Barack Obama does not believe Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could assume his responsibilities of office.

“I think that he is not somebody who even within the Republican Party can be considered equipped to deal with the problems of this office, but look, we live in a democracy,” Obama told WMUR on May 2.

The president added that if Trump prevailed in the Republican primary and became the GOP nominee, then his luck would run out come November.

“If in fact the Republicans nominate Mr. Trump, then it’s going to be an interesting fall season,” Obama said. “I’m confident that ultimately the Democrat in that circumstance will win.”

The president has been adamant for months that Trump will not be his successor. His confidence in that assertion has not wavered as the business mogul continues to win GOP primary contests.

“I recognize that there is a deep obsession right now about Mr. Trump,” the president said during a Democratic party fundraiser on April 8, according to Politico. “And one of you pulled me aside and squeezed me hard and said, ‘Tell me that Mr. Trump is not succeeding you.’ And I said, ‘Mr. Trump is not succeeding me.’”

Obama, who has faced Republican opposition in Congress throughout his presidency, took that opportunity to link Trump’s controversial rhetoric to the GOP at large.

“People act as if these folks are outliers,” Obama continued. “But they’re not. They’re saying stuff that’s just as wacky as what we’re hearing out of the presidential candidates. It’s just nobody was paying attention.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who had served as secretary of state during the Obama administration, had seized upon the narrative that Trump is not a suitable successor to Obama.

“Now America’s decision is who will succeed him,” Clinton told supporters at a NAACP event, CNN reports. “We can’t let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands. We can’t let all the hard work and progress we’ve obtained over the last seven and a half years be torn away.”

The former first lady concluded her speech with what will likely make for a nifty general election slogan, telling the audience, “Let’s make sure love trumps hate once and for all.”

Of course, for many of those who have cast their vote for Trump during the GOP primary, him erasing President Obama’s legacy may not be a bad thing.

Sources: CNNPolitico, WMUR via ABC News / Photo credit: U.S. Embassy London/Flickr

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