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Obama: Trump Lacks 'Basic Knowledge'


President Barack Obama said he doubts that Republican nominee Donald Trump has enough knowledge to take on the role of commander in chief.

“Set aside the nuclear codes. What I think is scary is a president who doesn’t know their stuff and doesn’t seem to have interest in learning what they don't know,” Obama told Today. “Basic knowledge about the world or what a nuclear triad is or where various countries are or the difference between Sunni and Shia in the Muslim world. And those are things that he doesn’t know and hasn’t seemed to spend a lot of time trying to find out about.”

But even though Obama doubts Trump's grasp on the issues, he said the New York real estate mogul could still pull off a victory against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Anything is possible. It is the nature of democracy,” Obama said. “But until those votes are cast and until the American people have their say, we don’t know."

The president also advised Democrats to “stay worried” until the November election.

“I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff happen, and I think everybody who goes into campaigns not running scared can end up losing,” Obama said.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said he didn't need to read much about the issues because he makes the right decisions “with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I [already] had, plus the words ‘common sense,’ because I have a lot of common sense and I have a lot of business ability.”

And he hasn't read much about past presidents, either, because he doesn't have the time.

“I never have. I’m always busy doing a lot,” Trump said. “Now I’m more busy, I guess, than ever before.” 

Sources: Today, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Flickr

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