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Obama Stirring Up 'Racial Tension and Violence' Claims Rep. Louie Gohmert (Audio)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) appeared on Steve Malzberg's Internet radio show on Monday where the congressman claimed that President Obama is stirring up “racial tension and violence."

Both Rep. Gohmert and Malzberg were angry over the U.S. Justice Department's proposed  drug sentencing reforms, which would free up jails to house violent offenders, instead of low-level, non-violent drug users.

Malzberg called the reforms "insane" to which Rep. Gohmert added: "This is their mode of operation. They just don't follow the laws they don't want to follow, don't enforce the ones they don't want to enforce."

According to, Rep. Gohmert then claimed President Obama had stirred up "racial tension and violence," but failed to offer any proof of his statement (audio below).

“I tell you what though, in that release there was a great statement that I’m glad somebody in this administration finally admitted because they’re constantly screaming about all the hate violence and all of this kind of stuff,” said Rep. Gohmert said.

“Of course we know that this president and this administration has done more to stir up racial tension and violence than any administration since, you know, the sixties. I thought that we were going to have a post-racial president and he’s become the president of division, of envy, of jealousy. They say on the one hand that violence is up and we got to do all these things, violence isn’t up, it’s down."



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