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Obama To Spend Extra Time Getting Trump Up To Speed

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President-elect Donald Trump didn't know that his entire staff had to be ready to work in the West Wing on the first day of his presidency, so President Barack Obama might need to spend more time on the transition of power.

The Wall Street Journal reported that aides who attended the first meeting between Trump and Obama after the election said the Republican “seemed surprised” by the breadth of duties a president needs to watch over and that his aides were “unaware that the entire presidential staff working in the West Wing had to be replaced” by the end of Obama's term.

After meeting with Trump, Obama "realized the Republican needs more guidance," the Journal reported, and made the decision to "spend more time with his successor."

“It was wide-ranging. We talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up the White House,” Obama said, according to the White House website. “We talked about foreign policy. We talked about domestic policy. And as I said last night, my number-one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful.”

He added: “I want to emphasize to you, Mr. President-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds,” Obama said, according to The New York Times.

The only appointments Trump has made so far is keeping Reince Priebus as the chairman of the Republican National Committee and giving Steve Bannon, his campaign manager, the job of chief of staff.

Bannon's appointment has caused concern because of his former role as president of the Breitbart news website, which is reportedly known to publish far-right and sometimes racist material.

After the announcement of Bannon's appointment, former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who is a former CIA agent and Republican Party operative, tweeted that Bannon was a “white supremacist darling.”

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