Obama Speaks with President Preval of Haiti, Pledges U.S. Support


A description of the call between President Obama and President Preval of Haiti that was just released:

President Obama spoke for roughly thirty minutes with President
Preval of Haiti this morning. President Obama said that the world has
been devastated by the loss and suffering in Haiti, and pledged the
full support of the American people for the government and people of
Haiti as it relates to both the immediate recovery effort, and the
long-term rebuilding effort. President Preval said that he has been
touched by the friendship of the American people, and expressed his
condolences for the loss of American citizens in Haiti. He said that
the needs are great, that relief is now flowing in to the people of
Haiti, and noted the support that has come from both America and many
other countries from the region and around the world. The two
Presidents underscored the need to closely coordinate assistance
efforts among the various parties, including the Haitian government,
the United Nations, the United States and the many international
partners and aid organizations on the ground. President Obama
underscored his commitment to supporting the government and people of
Haiti through his team on the ground. President Preval closed by
passing a message to the American people, "from the bottom of my heart
and on behalf of the Haitian people, thank you, thank you, thank you."

We're making sure the latest information on how to help is kept current at WhiteHouse.gov/HaitiEarthquake.


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