Obama Slammed for Having Fundraiser with Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony Who is Known for Being 'Pro-Drug, Anti-Police'

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President Obama is being slammed for throwing a fundraiser in New York City with an NBA player who has been known for his "pro-drug, anti-police" views and his involvement with gangsters. 

According to the Daily Mail, the fundraiser involves raising money with "NBA Heroes," which is a group of former and current basketball stars, ranging from Michael Jordan to Alonzo Mourning.

It's New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony who's stirring up controversy for the president. Recently, a YouTube video and DVD were released starring Anthony. The video promotes drug use and warns people about the consequences of "snitching" to the police. 

Titled "Stop Snitching," the DVD has been selling in Anthony's hometown of Baltimore for several days, going for $10 each. 

In the film, a drug dealer talks about life on the streets and what happens to those who "snitch." Anthony stands by his side and laughs. 

Later on, the drug dealer says that "snitches will get a hole in their head." 

Among other highlights, the DVD shows men shoving cash in their pockets, driving convertibles, smoking marijuana, and showing off diamond-encrusted watches. The dealer ends the film by thanking "Melo," which is Anthony's nickname. 

After hearing about the DVD, Anthony's agent Calvin Andrews said he had no clue the basketball player was making it. "I don't think he ever knew that this was going to be on a DVD and, if he did, I don't think he would ever get involved with it or have any affiliation with it at all," Andrews said. 

Anthony has no regrets about the DVD, however. He said it was just like a typical music video. "You could say the same thing if I was in a music video. I'm not really concerned about it. I don't hang with drug dealers. I surround myself with good people," he said. 

At the fundraiser, Obama had plenty of basketball metaphors to explain his campaign this year. He told some donors that the "campaign is like a hoops contest in the final minutes." He also said his team had the lead, and that the other side plays "a little dirty."

Obama also said that his team was having some foul trouble and injuries, but that they had "one last run in them." 

The fundraiser is expected to raise around $3 million. 


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