Obama Sends McConnell A Handwritten Thank You Note


Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the chamber’s majority leader, revealed on May 10 that he received a thank you note from President Barack Obama for confirming now U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch after months of delays from other Senate Republicans.

Speaking at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, McConnell referenced another odd relationship between two members of the Senate: the late Democratic Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and Republican Orrin Hatch of Utah, who continuously worked together on bipartisan legislation.

“A lot of folks like to joke about the odd couple that was Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch. But I think Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama may have them outdone,” the Kentucky senator said.

“I had to warn reporters not to faint last week before offering the president some praise on trade," McConnell continued, referring to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. McConnell offered Obama his support on fast-tracking the trade deal, though many democrats have opposed the legislation.

"I’m even getting handwritten notes from the president these days," McConnell added. "He sent one the other day to thank me for supporting the nomination of Loretta Lynch."

Previously, McConnell repeatedly stated that he wanted to prevent Obama from winning reelection and he has tried to block much of Obama’s legislation, including the Affordable Care Act.

The TPP trade deal, which has angered some liberal Democrats, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has brought the president and Senate Republicans closer.

CNN reported that McConnell believed the two political figures hold “common policy ground, on an issue we both think is good for the country. So the Republican majority is going to work with President Obama to get this done, even if we have to do it over the objections of his own party.”

Also, the president campaigned for McConnell’s Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, in the close election last November.

Sources: CNN, USA Today

Photo Credit: Pete Souza/The White House via Politico, usatoday.com


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