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Obama Sends 1,500 More Troops To Iraq

President Barack Obama authorized the deployment of another 1,500 troops to Iraq on Friday. This comes on the heels of his pledge to ask Congress for an additional $5.6B to fight ISIS.

Earlier this year, President Obama sent 1,400 troops to Iraq to serve in a non-combat capacity. These newly-deployed troops, similarly, will be kept away from combat.

According to CNN, the troops will work from bases outside Baghdad and Erbil

"The President took these decisions at the request of the Iraqi Government and upon the recommendation of Secretary Hagel and his military commanders based upon the assessed needs of the Iraqi Security Forces," a statement released by the White House said.

President Obama has repeatedly promised that there will be “no boots on the ground.” That said, with nearly 3,000 troops in Iraq as of November and billions of dollars on the line, an escalation of some sort appears inevitable.

Sources: CNN, TIME / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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