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Obama Says Something Unthinkable After Racking Up $85 Million In Taxpayer-Funded Vacation Expenses

According to reports, President Obama racked up a shocking $85 million in vacation expenses over the eight years of his presidency -- but still managed to joke about wanting to take a vacation during an appearance on TV.

In an interview with the Daily Show's Trevor Noah, President Obama said he hoped to take a "decent vacation" after he ends his difficult two-term presidency. Despite that comment, however, the Washington Examiner reported that Obama spent an astonishing $85 million on vacations during his time in office.

In fact, the president was dubbed by the New York Times as the "ultimate tourist."

"These moments allow the president to highlight issues he cares about by experiencing them firsthand," deputy White House communications director Liz Allen told the site. "Seeing a melting glacier in Alaska or walking the trails of our national parks really drives home the impact of climate change and importance of conserving our lands and waters.

"And when traveling overseas, getting off the beaten path to visit a cultural landmark further deepens ties in that country."

The president hasn't reportedly had a chance yet to visit the Taj Mahal in his many years of travels, despite visiting India in 2015.

"The president was quite disappointed to not have an opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal on his last visit to India," White House press secretary said after the death of King Abdullah of Saudia Arabia force the president to cut his trip to India short.

"I wish I could promise — I think the president wishes I could promise — that he would have an opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal before the end of his presidency, but I’m not sure that will happen."

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