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Obama's Mothers' Day Gift to DC - Free Abortion

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By Tony Perkins | FRC Blog

While local families celebrate Mother's Day, President Obama is observing the weekend by releasing a budget that would reduce the number of D.C. moms. It seems the President's gift to Washington's women is robbing them of the joys of motherhood by offering the government's help in paying for their abortions.

Friday, President Obama highlighted the new details of his budget, which asks Congress to repeal a provision in the law that, if eliminated, would allow for taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia. Once the District's abortion funding is approved, the White House will have effectively opened the door for liberals to pursue the same agenda nationwide. Although the President did retain the Hyde Amendment (which bans national taxpayer-funded abortions) in his plan, it is certain to be a major target of congressional leaders who want nothing more than to overturn the decades-old provision. So far, the move has incensed pro-lifers and area residents, who will be forced to pay for the capital city's new culture of death.

And the concerns don't end there. The budget also includes language that would govern the funding for a group called the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), which at one time actively litigated against pro-life laws. The President has changed the wording in this proposal to allow LSC grantees to resume abortion litigation. Meanwhile, President Obama continues his pattern of political payoffs. His budget would pad Planned Parenthood's bottom line by $10 million through even more Title X funding. For those of you doing the math, $10 million is the exact amount Planned Parenthood pledged in the last election to help get President Obama elected. The President also considers it a priority to increase money for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to $50 million. UNFPA has been complicit with both forced abortions and sterilizations. To help silence his critics on the government's out-of-control spending, the President decided to make new budget cuts yesterday.

Unfortunately for teenagers, they included halting the dollars for abstinence programs in favor of projects that promote condoms. Although the White House did offer $17 billion in cuts, the reductions account for about one-half of one percent of the $3.4 trillion budget Congress has approved. If the President truly cared about reducing abortions, he ought to explain how funding abortionists helps him reach that goal.

Read the fine print of the President's Budget here.


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