Obama's Mistake in Embracing Islamic Society of North America


week, media reports surfaced that the FBI quietly decided last summer
to sever its ties to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
One week prior, Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA, the Islamic Society
of North America, delivered a prayer at the National Prayer Service,
one of the events associated with the inauguration of President Obama.
In other words, while it appears the FBI has finally learned a valuable
lesson, it just as clearly appears that President Obama hasn’t.

For years the FBI has conferred legitimacy on CAIR, meeting with its
leaders and asking for its advice on relations with the Muslim
community. The FBI has even utilized CAIR to give sensitivity training
to its agents on topics such as Islam and understanding Muslims.

The FBI maintained its relationship with CAIR in spite of the fact
that it had ample evidence that CAIR had ties to terrorist
organizations such as Hamas.

The most notable is the evidence that led the Justice Department to
list CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation
terrorism financing trial, which culminated in 108 guilty verdicts.
During the second Holy Land Foundation trial, FBI agent Lara Burns
testified that CAIR is a front organization for the spread of the
militant Islamist ideology. With CAIR officials unwilling to address
FBI questions raised by the Holy Land Foundation investigation, the FBI
finally said enough.

For years, there has been enough “smoke” around CAIR to assume there
must be a real “fire.” That it took so long for the FBI leadership to
acknowledge they were dealing with an organization whose agenda was far
more sinister than “Muslim community relations” is a testimony to how
so many in government appear willing to place concerns about image
above our national interests.

But to its credit, the FBI leadership at long last has said “enough is enough.”

Let’s hope that Congress is going to take the same position now. We at ACT! for America,
has responded to this revelation by initiating a grassroots lobbying
effort calling on Members of Congress to not meet with CAIR knowing
that CAIR was launching a lobbying blitz on Capital Hill this week. For
the sake of our national security Congress should take the same
position that the FBI has.

Why then, is President Obama treading down the same well-worn path
the FBI did? He’s embracing Ingrid Mattson, and by extension ISNA, the
same way the FBI embraced CAIR.

Like CAIR, ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the
aforementioned Holy Land Foundation trial. It is difficult to imagine
the Obama Administration calling upon a professed Christian or Jew to
deliver a prayer if those individuals were leaders of organizations
that the Justice Department had designated “unindicted co-conspirators.”

But there is much, much more the FBI and other government agencies
know about ISNA. ISNA’s co-founder, Sami Al-Arian, is a convicted
terrorist. Declassified documents link ISNA to the Muslim Brotherhood,
the radical organization that is responsible for the Muslim Brotherhood
Project, a document outlining how Islam can destroy the West from
within. Al-Arian has admitted he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
during the same year he helped co-found ISNA.

The Obama Administration certainly must be aware of this. Will it learn the same lesson the FBI did, before it’s too late?

The early indications are not promising. What appears to be driving
the Obama agenda is a greater concern about rehabilitating our image in
the Muslim world than about protecting us from Islamists who would
infiltrate, subvert and harm our nation.

How else to explain Obama’s executive order requiring that
interrogation tactics used on suspected terrorists comply with the Army
Field Manual? These tactics preclude making threats, making promises,
and even the use of “good cop/bad cop,” an interrogation technique used
by American law enforcement officials on our own citizens. This won’t
improve our image overseas – but it will certainly make us less safe
from terrorism.

Obama’s concern about our “image,” about outreach to the Muslim
world, is the same motivation that led the FBI leadership to ignore all
the warning signs that CAIR’s agenda was not merely “community
relations.” It’s the same motivation that has led Great Britain to
appease and accommodate demand after demand issued by militant Muslims.
Has Great Britain’s strategy worked? Hardly. For instance, polls reveal
that the children of Muslim immigrants to Great Britain are more
radical than their parents, more willing to support terrorism, and more
supportive of the imposition of Shariah Islamic law.

It is understandable to be concerned that our foreign policy is not
misunderstood. However, there’s a homespun definition of insanity that
states “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a
different result.” For the sake of our security and our liberties,
let’s hope President Obama wakes up to this reality before it’s too



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