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Obama’s Exploding Fist Bump, Joe Biden’s Bloody Eye and Other State Of the Union Highlights

Every State of the Union address is exactly the same. It features the President of the United States coming out and offering some variation of the phrase: ‘the state of our union is strong.’ That is then quickly followed by him pointing out all of the things about our nation that are weak and need to be fixed. (But ultimately won’t be.)

Tuesday night’s 2013 SOTU address by President Barack Obama was no different. Like his predecessors, he hashed out a lot of bold plans that likely won’t be enacted because of partisan bickering in Congress. Everything sounded great, but given the lack of any real progress we have gotten accustomed to seeing, folks went into the proceedings with really low expectations.

Coming out of the address, aside from President Obama’s interesting minimum wage proposal, the things that were trending online about the event had nothing to do with the actual speech.

Going by what the general public was discussing after the fact, these were last night’s highlights:

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President Obama’s exploding fist bump with Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) (via Gawker)

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Vice President Joe Biden’s bloody eye and glasses. (via HuffPo)

And, of course, John Boehner’s reaction to President Obama’s speech. (via BuzzFeed)

Weigh in below. What was your favorite part of the 2013 State of the Union address? (Marco Rubio's water break doesn't count.)


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