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Obama: Critics Of Iran Deal Are Playing On People's Fears

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During a speech at American University in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 5, as well as at a White House briefing, President Barack Obama warned that blocking the Iran nuclear deal would put the country on the fast track to obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

While opponents of the deal have argued the deal does not go far enough to fully prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, Obama stressed that rejection of the deal would leave just one option — another war in the Middle East. Obama slammed Republican criticism of the deal, attributing it to “knee-jerk partisanship” and called it an attempt to capitalize on people’s fears.

“I know it's easy to play on people's fears, to magnify threats ... but none of these arguments hold up,” he said, according to CNBC.

“Iran could make various decisions here. None of which are good for us and all of which are good for them,” Obama added during the White House briefing. 

“So, in almost every scenario, our ability to monitor what's happening in Iran, our ability to ensure that they are not breaking out, our ability to inspect their facilities, our ability to force them to abide by the deal, is gone out the window," he said, The Huffington Post reported.

He went on to warn that the only way to prevent the country from developing a weapon outside of the deal would be to take strikes against them, which would inevitably lead to war.

“That doesn't mean that Iran suddenly attacks us directly. It does mean that I've got a whole bunch of U.S. troops on the ground trying to help Baghdad fight (Islamic State group) and they're now looking over their shoulders at a host of Shia militia,” he said. “It does mean that Hezbollah potentially makes use of some of those rockets into Israel and that precipitates us having to take action.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, CNBC

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