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Obama Reassures Nervous Democrats About Health Care, Immigration

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President Barack Obama attempted to calm nervous Democrats on Wednesday during a trip to the Capitol, reassuring them that they are “on the right side of history” despite health care overhaul and the immigration fight with Republicans.

"I just think he was trying to bolster the courage of the group,” said Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky.

While the Senate has passed a version of immigration reform, Democrats are nervous that the bill will face friction with the GOP about the path to citizenship clause.

ObamaCare has continued to confuse Americans, leading the administration to delay a requirement for employers to provide coverage after complaints of complexity. Many Democrats have voiced concern over the readiness of the health care plan, questioning whether it will be appropriate to allow uninsured people to begin shopping for plans on Oct. 1.

While Obama delivered a message about economic prosperity and expanding the middle class, he continued to face questions from Democrats about town hall meetings during the August recess and midterm elections next year.

"Basically he said we have to remind people that a lot of good things are happening," said Sen. Angus King, who added that the law had extended age of child coverage under parents’ insurance and reduced costs for drugs.

Democrats also pressed Obama about budget talks with Republicans, the next chairman of the federal reserve and appeal for help in next year’s campaigns. House Democrats also presented Obama, who turns 52 on Sunday, with a birthday cake.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Fox News


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