Obama Says Donald Trump Will Not Be President


President Barack Obama does not think Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the next commander in chief of the United States.

"I recognize that there is a deep obsession right now about Mr. Trump. And one of you pulled me aside and squeezed me hard and said, 'Tell me ... that Mr. Trump is not succeeding you!' And I said, 'Mr. Trump's not succeeding me,'" Obama said during an April 7 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, reports ABC News.

While Obama does not foresee a Trump presidency, he did praise the candidate and one of his rival’s for the GOP nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, for speaking out about problems that exist within the Republican Party.

“Mr. Trump has actually done a service as Mr. Cruz is doing a service and that is laying bare, unvarnished some of the nonsense that we have been dealing with in Congress on a daily basis,” Obama said. “People act as if these folks are outliers but they are not! We should thank Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz for just being honest that this is how we're thinking these days, or not thinking these days. But it gives you a sense of what's at stake in this election.”

"Even if I am not president, and contrary to the assertions of some, I will continue to be a citizen, and I care deeply about what happens next so let's get going. Let's get to work,” he added.

At this time, Trump is in the lead for the GOP nomination. In national polls, he has 39.6 percent of voters support, with Cruz in second place at 32.2 percent, and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio in third with 20.8 percent, according to data compiled by Real Clear Politics.

In terms of delegates, Trump holds the lead with 743 to Cruz’s 520 and Kasich’s 143, the site reports.

A total of 1,237 delegates are needed to secure the GOP nomination.

Sources: ABC News, Real Clear Politics (2) / Photo credit: IIP Photo Archive/Flickr

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