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Obama Making Money off T-Shirt With Biden's "BFD" Comment

At the bill signing for the new health care law last week, Vice President Joe Biden was caught whispering to President Obama that the legislation was a "big f***ing deal." Well, this has made its way onto a T-shirt -- put out by Obama himself. Well, sort of.

"Health Reform is a BFD" T-shirt appeared this week on the fundraising website hosted by President Obama's perpetual campaign, Organizing for America.

"Traffic on the Web site spiked considerably since we put the shirts on sale," spokesman Hari Sevugan said Thursday.

The shirt is available to anyone who makes at least a $25 online contribution to OFA, which is an arm of the Democratic National Committee. OFA said it took its cue from the White House, which quickly embraced and laughed off Biden's comment.

OFA's sales pitch for the shirt reads:

"There are things that are a big deal - birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game. And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans. We worked hard together to make health reform a reality, and now you can celebrate this historic victory with this shirt."

"BFD T-shirts are this year's Skinny Jeans," Sevugan said, comparing the shirts to last year's fashion must-have.


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