Good News for Re-Election? Obama Job Approval Tops 50%

There's reason to celebrate at the White House this week, and it isn't just because Barack got Michelle a rocking Valentine's Day gift.

For the first time in over eight months, President Obama's job approval rating has topped 50% meaning more Americans approve of the job the president is doing in office than disapprove.

The 50% threshold is viewed by political insiders as an important mark for presidents seeking re-election.

Further bolstering Democratic optimism about the party's ability to maintain control of the White House this Fall is a full battery of polls showing President Obama running ahead of all of his likely Republican opponents.

Even Mitt Romney, viewed by many as the most electable politician seeking the Republican nomination, is now running 5-7 points below President Obama in national polls.

A CNN/ORC International Poll also shows that the GOP's advantage on enthusiasm is no longer existent and that Americans are growing more optimistic about the direction of the country as a whole.


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