Obama has sent 1200 National Guard troops to help secure Arizona's border.

Now the Tea Party will try to claim this as a victory incorrectly thinking Obama gave in but in reality Obama could have sent those troops at any time and has just waited until the ACLU Federal lawsuit was filed to overturn Arizona's unconstitutional immigration law.

The reason is very simple: Obama, the Dems,most GOP and most US citizens want the National Immigration bill passed but until they clear up Jan Brewer's fiasco there was too much political hypersensitivity to get it done and the Republicans would just block it because they are under pressure from the Tea Party.

By putting the troops in place Jan and the GOP and Tea Party can no longer say the Dems are not doing enough.

Now there's no excuse for the unconstitutional and racist law and it goes out the window (along with Brewer and her Tea Party) and The National Immigration reform will be passed.

The GOP gets to save face with the Tea Party. The Tea Party thinks it accomplished something. Jan Brewer gets her law defeated and will lose her Governor election. The illegals get a fair immigration system. Everyone's happy!

Obama is a very smart president!


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