Stranded Limos, Wrong Dates, Botched Toasts: Obama Has Rough Time in Europe


President Obama is certainly having a rough time during his trip to Europe. Several small gaffes seem to be adding up.

First, Obama's eight-ton armored limo nicknamed "The Beast" got stuck on a steep driveway while leaving the American embassy in Dublin, Ireland. He had to be switched to an inferior limo. Some say it was a Ford Festiva. Not Obama's fault, but still.

Then while signing the guestbook at Westminster Abbey, Obama tried to turn back the hands of time, signing the date "24 May 2008." Maybe he secretly longs for the less turbulent days before he was president.

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Then he botched a toast to Queen Elizabeth. This one was only partly his fault. While delivering his toast, the orchestra started playing "God Save the Queen" a bit too early. Instead of just stopping, Obama plodded on, and when he raised his glass, no one else did, instead getting a tisk-tisk glance from the Queen (you Americans are still my subjects!). The London Telegraph reports it is customary for people to stand at attention in the U.K. during the playing of the national anthem.

After the song was over, Obama again raised his glass, and everybody then followed.

Obama shrugged off the incident, joking to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that the orchestra gave him a soundtrack to his closing passage, according to the New York Daily News.

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