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Obama Has Already Deported More Immigrants Than Any President In History

Here’s a statistic about President Obama that will probably accomplish the strange feat of angering his supporters and exciting his detractors. President Obama has deported more immigrants during his presidency than any other president in United States history. More than Reagan, Clinton, either Bush – you name it, he’s deported more than all of them.

Obama is winning the deportation race by a ridiculous margin, too. Through the first five years of his presidency, he’s deported more than twice as many people as George W. Bush had at the same point. Again, whether or not this is good news to you probably depends on your political views. Either way, it’s a surprising statistic for a president that has been accused by his political opponents of being sympathetic towards immigrants.

The eye-popping stat has received some attention around the web today. This makes sense given that today marks the one year anniversary of the immigration reform bill’s introduction in the House. Many, including the American Civil Liberties Union, speculate that Obama is being deliberately tough on immigration in order to give the Democrat-endorsed reform bill a chance to pass.

“Why has he been doing this?” the ACLU asks rhetorically. “Because President Obama wanted to prove to Congress that he wasn’t ‘soft on immigration,’ in the hopes that they would pass comprehensive immigration reform. So far, that plan hasn’t worked out too well.”

The immigration reform bill remains stalled out in the halls of Congress. 

For a visual representation of the deportation numbers, check out this chart showing deportations from 2000-2011. Not only have deportations of criminals increased under President Obama, but deportations of non-criminals have as well. Despite winning an overwhelming majority of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections, 59% of Hispanic voters disapprove of Obama’s handling of deportations

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Sources: PEW Research, ACLU


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