Obama Goes for Swim in Gulf -- Or Does He?


President Obama took a highly publicized swim in the Gulf of Mexico off of Florida this weekend, in an effort to show the world that the beaches are safe from the oil spill. Well, it turns out he might not have been technically in the Gulf at all.

Obama and his daughter Sasha took the plunge off Alligator Point in St Andrews Bay, next door to Panama City. It is primarily a freshwater bay, fed mostly by adjoining creeks and springs. It is more of a small lagoon, protected by sea beds and salt marshes, so it really isn't part of the Gulf, according to published reports.

The beaches in Panama City that are part of the Gulf were among the last, and least effected at the height of the oil disaster. They suffered nothing like those along the Louisiana shore.

Obama's swim was closed to the media. The official White House photographer snapped the photos of father and daughter frolicking in the water. Obama admitted that he didn't want a repeat of the bare-chested photos taken of him in Hawaii shortly after his election, photos that circulated around the world and were a bit of an embarrassment to the then President-elect.


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