Obama Exempts Americans from Indefinite Terror Detention

The White House has exempted American citizens from a controversial law that allows for the indefinite detention of terror suspects.

When President Obama signed the defense authorization bill in December, it included provisions that allowed terror suspects to be detained without end at Guantanamo Bay. It sparked fears that Americans could be held without a trial and due process.

But on Tuesday the White House issued rules that leaves out American citizens. The fact sheet said:

It is important to recognize that the scope of the new law is limited. Section 1022 does not apply to U.S. citizens, and the President has decided to waive its application to lawful permanent residents arrested in the United States.

The fact sheet also spells out the procedures that must take place after a suspect is arrested, as well as other people who might be exempt.

But the main issue for many was American citizens. Still though, civil libertarians think the law is unconstitutional and vow to fight to get it repealed.


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