Obama Criticized For Playing Golf Immediately After Delivering James Foley Speech


This past weekend, a video surfaced of an ISIS thug, wearing all black, beheading United States photojournalist James Foley. In the video, the terrorist speaks directly to Obama, warning him not to intervene in Iraq.

The day after this video was uploaded to Youtube, President Obama addressed the nation, stating unequivocally, "We will be vigilant and we will be relentless... to see that justice is done."

Immediately after a harrowing, seemingly heartfelt speech concerning the horrific incident, Obama packed up for Martha's Vineyard for a lighthearted game of golf.

While August tends to be a time for vacationing, some politicians and political commentators are criticizing the president for his less-than-respectful timing. Only hours after addressing an uneasy nation concerning the gruesome execution of one of its citizens, the President could be seen publicly laughing it up on a golf course with his pals.

Liz Cheney, the daughter of ex-Vice President Dick Cheney, took to Twitter following the incident, quipping, "Obama is more dedicated to golfing than he is to defending the nation.”

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also had some critical words for President Obama. According to the Wall Street Journal, the diplomat stated, “I know in Western countries, this is vacation period, but when people are dying, you must return from vacation.”

While Obama's poor choice of vacation timing may have been irresponsible, his words concerning ISIS were straight to the point. "[ISIS] speaks for no religion,” Obama flatly stated. “No faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday, or what they do every single day.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that there is a strong likelihood of additional United States troops being dispatched to Iraq, with the specific purpose of defending the United States embassy there.


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