Obama Continues to Mislead Public About Health Care


If you follow my blog, you may remember a post or two about how the left misleads the public by not getting into specifics. My favorite example is the one about mothers in the workforce, how "70% of mothers work outside the home today." The media LOVE to report this technically accurate statistic so the feminists in the media who work full-time and year-round feel better about their choice to leave their children all day, every day in substitute care. I mean if "everyone's doing it," it must be a perfectly normal thing to do -- right?

Everyone is not doing what the women in the media do. In fact less than 40% of married mothers in America work full-time and year-round. Most are either unemployed or work part-time. This information can be easily found at the U.S. Census Bureau.

Obamacare -- or Obamascare -- is another example. President Obama loves to report the...again, technically accurate statistic (again, from the Census Bureau) that there are "47 million people" in this country who lack health insurance. What he WON'T tell you is that of this 47 million, nearly 18 million earn over 50K per year and can afford their own insurance. (Over 9.7 million earn 75K or more).

Of the remaining 29 million, 9.5 million are illegal aliens.

Of the 19 million left, nearly 8 million are under the age of 18 and are thus eligible to participate in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

That leaves 11 million Americans -- many of whom are between 18-24 and choose not to have insurance because they consider themselves young and healthy.

Obama has since recanted his numbers and, I believe, has brought the number down to "30 million" in his speeches. Even if this were more accurate, which it's not, do you really want someone in office who distorts the facts to pursue his own agenda?

All it takes is a simple search. Either the President doesn't do his homework (or have his people do the homework), or they do it and deliberately mislead the public. I don't know which is worse.

The government and the media: corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.


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