Obama To Help Launch Nonprofit Aimed At Young Minority Men


President Obama on Monday announced the launch of an initiative called My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase opportunities for young minority men. Obama said that with the launch of the program, which is a spinoff of a White House initiative, his work on the issue of racial equality would continue after he leaves the White House.

Speaking at Lehman College, Obama spoke to the sense of frustration felt by black and Latino men as a result of inequality, which caused intense protests in Baltimore and other cities throughout the country.

“That sense of unfairness, powerlessness, people not hearing their voices, that's helped fuel some of the protests that we've seen in places like Baltimore, Ferguson and right here in New York,” he said.

My Brother’s Keeper, the president said, would provide guidance for companies to increase job availability for minorities. It will be headed by former Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte LLP, Joe Echevarria, and already companies, such as American Express Co and Pepsi Co, have pledeged a total of $80 million to the nonprofit.

“We see ourselves in these young men,” Obama said, referring to himself as well as the other leaders of the initiative.

The program, he pledged, would “remain a mission for me, not just for the rest of my presidency, but for the rest of my life."

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Sources: Business Insider, Huffington Post

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, The Blaze


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