Obama Claims He's 'Really Good at Killing People'


In a new book about the 2012 presidential election, journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann report that President Obama told aides that he’s “really good at killing people,” raising eyebrows on all sides about the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s image.

President Obama’s comment in the new book, “Double Down,” only reinforces what has become common knowledge. President Obama’s administration has overseen the expansion of the drone war, conducting over 400 drone strikes compared to 52 total during the Bush administration, reported Business Insider.

“Double Down: Game Change 2012” will be released on Tuesday. A Washington Post review referenced the President’s boast, sending shockwaves throughout the media. The Obama Administration has made no comment on the claim, according to the Daily Mail.

Peter Hamby’s review, published Saturday, also covers the President’s tour of the New Jersey coastline with New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, invoking the permanent ire of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Halperin and Heilemann gleaned the information for the book from over three years of interviews with the candidates, their aides and “the small galaxy of Washington fixers who surrounded the campaigns,” Hamby wrote. Their method involved inviting interviewees to a private room at a hotel or restaurant, loosening their tongues with liberal amounts of alcohol, and recording what came out.

As Hamby summed up, “The digital blast radius for ‘Double Down’ is infinite.”

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill told NBC News that Obama will “go down in history as the president who legitimized and systematized a process by which the United States asserts the right to conduct assassination operations around the world.”


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