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Obama Can't Win; Palin, GOP Bash Birth Certificate Release

It's official -- President Obama can't do anything to please conservatives. First, they criticized him for not releasing his birth certificate. And now that he has, they are criticizing that decision.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, GOP leaders think either the President should have done it sooner, or should not have caved in to conspiracy theorists (some of whom may be seeking the GOP presidential nomination).

Sarah Palin, who has expressed her doubts about Obama's birthplace and has supported Donald Trump's recent birther campaign, tweeted:

Media: admit it, Trump forced the issue. Now, don't let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what (Ben) Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?

Likely presidential candidate Mitt Romney also used Twitter:

What President Obama should really be releasing is a jobs plan.

Newt Gingrich still apparently thinks Obama is up to something. "All I would say is, why did it take so long?" Gingrich asked Talking Points Memo. "The whole thing is strange."

And finally, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show on Wednesday that Obama only released the birth certificate because of declining opinion poll ratings. He said a recent USA Today survey found a stunning 38% don't believe Obama was born in the USA.

"We have a reality show star that has forced Obama’s hand on the issue of the birth certificate," Limbaugh said, referring to Trump. "Politics has become nothing but a reality show."


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