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Obama Advisor Who Called Clinton a Monster Gets White House Job

The Associated Press is reporting that Samantha Power, who once referred to Hillary Clinton as a "monster," is slated to become the senior director of multilateral affairs at the National Security Council. The position will require her to work closely with Clinton, who has just been named secretary of state.

Power is a Harvard professor, journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who is widely known for her efforts to draw attention to human rights abuses. Last March, she made headlines after she called Hillary Clinton a monster in an interview with a Scottish newspaper, accusing Clinton of "stooping to anything" to win the Democratic nomination. Power added that "the amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive."

She later stated that Obama had rebuked her for her remarks and "made it absolutely clear that we just couldn't make comments like this in his campaign." According to the AP:

"A few hours after her comments were published, Power announced her resignation, saying the remarks were inexcusable and contradictory to her admiration for Clinton."

Last week Clinton and Power were seen together at a State Department ceremony. Although the White House has yet to confirm Power's appointment, sources have told the AP that an announcement will be made in the near future.



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