NYPD: No Photo Op For Trump After Dallas Shooting


A representative for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly requested he be allowed to address NYPD officers during their roll call on July 8, but was turned down.

The alleged request came from Trump's head of security Keith Schiller after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed on July 7, notes the New York Daily News.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told reporters:

Our interest is staying out of the politics of the moment, and not to provide photo ops. If Mr. Trump wants to speak to me, I would be happy to brief him on what we’re doing. If Sen. Clinton wants to speak to me, I would very happy to brief her on what we’re doing. But we are not in the business of providing photo ops for our candidates.

Hope Hicks, a Trump spokeswoman, claimed, "Mr. Trump and the campaign did not reach out with a request to address roll call," according to the New York Daily News.

In November 2015, the NYPD Muslim Officers Society slammed Trump and then-GOP candidate Ben Carson for anti-Muslim comments following terrorist attacks in Paris.

"To me it is very ignorant," Sgt. Muhammad Ashraf told NY1. "And there is more need to educate these candidates about the religion."

"Whether it's from Donald Trump or whether it is from anybody else, it's disturbing," Lt. Adeel Rana added. "The reason it is disturbing is because the immigrants, especially the immigrants and the Muslim immigrants are a part of the country."

"We have thousands of Muslim employees in the department, who are basically like the rest of us, who are citizens of this country who are concerned," Bratton said.

"It is just sad that we are in 2015 and yet people still use Muslims and Islam as a scapegoat or as a way to gain votes," Capt. Jamiel Altaheri stated. "Muslims in law enforcement, we are here to let them know that we are your brothers and sisters. We are American."

Sources: New York Daily News, NY1 / Photo Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Flickr

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